What happened to all of the wonderful things that were once associated with the Stotesburys?

The rescue and refurbishment of Mr. Stotesbury's bedroom chair from Whitemarsh Hall

A lead fountain piece from the large fountain in the main garden at Whitemarsh Hall

Limestone pilaster capitals from the front entrance of Whitemarsh Hall

Whitemarsh Hall furnishings and furniture (updated)

The hanging Sanctuary lamp from the dining room at El Mirasol

The pastel portrait by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau that hung in Mrs. Stotesbury's boudoir at Whitemarsh Hall

E.T. Stotesbury's bed and furniture from his bedroom at El Mirasol

Watches and clocks that belonged to E.T. Stotesbury

Trophies and awards given to E.T. Stotesbury

The Stotesbury family bible

Monogrammed silver made by Cartier

The portrait of Miss Glover of Bath, by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.

The 1925 Stotesbury Locomobile

The Stotesbury yacht Nedeva

E.T. Stotesbury's private railroad car

The Stotesbury portrait of Vigée Le Brun

Exterior carvings from the Tea Room at Whitemarsh Hall


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