What happened to all of the wonderful things that were once associated with the Stotesburys?

Miss Glover of Bath

Portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.

Commencing in 1906, E.T. Stotesbury began to add English Old Master paintings to his already substantial art collection. One of the paintings that he acquired was the portrait of Miss Glover of Bath (later Lady Shaw), by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. For many years, it resided in Mr. Stotesbury's library in his home at 1925 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. In the portrait, Miss Glover is wearing a high-waisted black velvet dress with a square neck and short sleeves, a transparent scarf falling over the right shoulder, and a small bouquet pinned to her gown. She also wears pearls and a gold chain with an eyeglass attached. There is red drapery in the background, with glimpses of the sky on the left.
Miss Glover of Bath on the left
Photo Source: Private Collection
E.T. Stotesbury's library at 1925 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, circa 1915. The portrait of Miss Glover of Bath is on the left; a portrait of Lady Mulgrave by Hoppner is on the right.

When the Stotesburys embarked on the project to build their 147-room mansion Whitemarsh Hall outside Philadelphia in the 1915 to 1921 period, they asked noted art dealer Joseph Duveen to supervise the decoration. Although he installed a lot of new pieces in the Stotesburys' new home, he also included much of the art works from the Walnut Street house. The portrait of Miss Glover of Bath initially was hung in the dining room, but it eventually retained a prominent place in the Great Room (Ballroom) of Whitemarsh Hall.

Photo Sources: Library of Congress, Frances Benjamin Johnston collection
The Great Room (Ballroom) at Whitemarsh Hall, circa 1922. (Left) Lady Mulgrave, by Hoppner; (Right) Miss Glover of Bath, by Lawrence

When E.T. Stotesbury died in 1938, his estate had dwindled to the point that the art collection had to be sold in order to pay inheritance taxes. In 1944, Parke-Bernet Galleries of New York sold a number of the Stotesbury paintings at auction, including Miss Glover of Bath. It has remained in private collections since that time.

Today, the portrait of Miss Glover of Bath was recently listed for sale at Bagshawe Fine Art in London.

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