What happened to all of the wonderful things that were once associated with the Stotesburys?

Hanging Sanctuary Lamp from the Dining Room at El Mirasol

El Mirasol was decorated in the Spanish and Italian mediterranean style. Many of the furnishings throughout the house came from those two countries. Throughout the 1920s, Eva Stotesbury was nearly constantly redecorating, remodeling or simply contemplating possible changes she wanted to make at El Mirasol. The evolution of the Dining Room at El Mirasol shown below indicates how some of these changes occurred.

ElMirasol Dining Room 1921

The Dining Room at El Mirasol in 1921

(Photo Source: Harpers Magazine May 1921)

El Mirasol Dining Room 1926

The Dining Room at El Mirasol circa 1926. Although there is a new hanging lamp shown here on the west wall, that is not the hanging lamp addressed here.

(Photo Source: Private Collection)

El MIrasol Dining Room 1935

The Dining Room at El Mirasol circa 1935.

(Photo Source: 1946 Freeman's auction catalogue)

In 1930, a major renovation of El Mirasol included the addition of extended bay windows on the east side of the dining room facing the ocean, and a new hanging lamp was added to this bay window alcove.

After Eva Stotesbury died at El Mirasol in 1946, the contents of El Mirasol were sold at auction in February 1947. The auction catalogue described item number 259 from the Dining Room as "Italian Silvered Metallic Sanctuary Lamp (XVI Century Style); Circular urn shape with embossed lobed panels fitted with Amourini handles, suspended by a chain." After the auction, the Miami News published a story on April 22, 1947 (page 7) entitled "Rector Dedicates Sanctuary Lamp," indicating that the Rector of the Episcopal Bethesda-by-the-Sea church in Palm Beach had dedicated a 17th century Italian sanctuary lamp given to the church by Mrs. Frederick Lovejoy Durland. The article said that the lamp was brought to this country by Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury and it formerly hung in the large dining room window at El Mirasol.

This lamp still exists today in the Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach. It hangs from the ceiling in the vestibule leading from the north side of the Church to the Cloister next to the Lady Chapel. On the wall below is a plaque commemorating the donation of the lamp by the Durlands.

Below are recent photographs of this lamp.

El Mirasol Lamp1

El Mirasol Lamp 2


El Mirasol Lamp 3


El Mirasol Lamp 4


El Mirasol Lamp 5


El Mirasol Lamp 6

El Mirasol Lamp 7

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