What happened to all of the wonderful things that were once associated with the Stotesburys?

Trophies and Awards Presented to E.T. Stotesbury


Silver Platter from the Union League

In 1925, the Union League of Philadelphia gave E.T. Stotesbury a sterling silver platter in recognition of his having served as President of that organization from 1921 - 1925.


Union League Platter

(Photo Source: Private Collection)

Close-up of the Union League Platter

(Photo Source: Private Collection)


West Jersey Horse Show Trophy 1913

In September 1913, E.T. Stotesbury entered a fine pair of trotters in the West Jersey Horse Show at Collingswood. They were the matching bay mares Ruby (7 years, 15.1 1/2) and Lasca (5 years, 15.1 1/2). The pair won first prize in the show for Class 37--Pair of Roadsters (trotter) suitable for road work. The judging was based on horse 50 per cent and appointment 50 per cent. The sterling silver trophy cup (shown below) was donated by Fred M. Walton (see Philadelphia Inquirer, September 28, 1913, page 6: "Horse Show Ends as Three Ring Circus.")

1913 Trophy

(Photo Source: Private Collection)


1913 Horse Show Trophy

(Photo Source: Private Collection)

The trophy says

Pair of Roadsters


Presented by

Fred M. Walton

Won by


E.T. Stotesbury


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