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Lucie Young, Comtesse de Rochford
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau

Master Day

Perronneau did another portrait of Lucie Young (1714 - 1773; she married the Comte de Rochford) in about 1761, and the pastel shown here could have been done around the same time.

Photo Source: Private Collection

Dimensions: 21 5/8 x 26 1/2 inches

Provenance: Samuel T. Freeman & Co. sale of January 23, 2017 (Lot 107, European Art & Old Masters)

Private Collection, Philadelphia PA

Samuel T. Freeman & Co. sale of November 27, 1946 (Lot 466, ex-collection of Sir Joseph Duveen, Stotesbury sale)

E.T. Stotesbury to 1944, when it was first offered for sale, but did not sell

From Duveen Brothers, New York; this pastel portrait and the other by Perronneau were installed in Whitemarsh Hall by Duveen in the fall of 1922 and were as "on approval," meaning that they could remain in Whitemarsh Hall until the Stotesburys decided whether they wanted to purchase them or not. Eva Stotesbury was quite fond of this portrait and placed it prominently on the wall in her boudoir. Eventually, the Stotesburys decided to purchase both portraits for $15,000 in 1931.


Stotesbury Location(s): Whitemarsh Hall, and later briefly in Marly, where Eva Stotesbury resided in the early 1940s


Mrs. Stotesbury's Boudoir

Eva Stotesbury's boudoir inWhitemarsh Hall, showing the Perronneau portrait of Lucie Young on the left

Photo Source: Private Collection

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