Grousing at Invermark

Invermark Lodge

Brechin, Forfarshire


August 1928



In August 1928, E.T. Stotesbury's daughter and son-in-law, Edith Stotesbury Hutchinson and Sydney Emlen Hutchinson, and their daughter Frances Stotesbury Hutchinson leased Invermark Lodge in the highlands of Scotland for a six week grouse shooting party. They invited several of their friends from Philadelphia to join them there, and throughout this period the Hutchinsons would host different groups of their friends who enjoyed grouse shooting and Scottish hunting lodge hospitality.

The Hutchinsons engaged a photographer to take pictures of their shooting party activities on the heather moors, and the video below incorporates those photos into the story of this exquisite adventure.

Frances Stotesbury Hutchinson and her father Sydney Emlen Hutchinson

A photo taken on this trip showing E.T. Stotesbury's granddaughter Frances Stotesbury Hutchinson (age twenty-one) in fine shooting form, using her new side-by-side barrel 12-gauge shotgun recently purchased from James Purdey & Sons in London.

Click here to watch the video about their memorable trip to Invermark Lodge in 1928, much as it is still done today.

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