The Stotesbury Art Collection

Garden Fountains and Sculpture at Whitemarsh Hall
Jules-Édouard Visseaux, Frank Lynn Jenkins, Henri-Léon Gréber, and others

The Maple Allée

The road would then turn toward the east, and the mansion would disappear from view once more. As the route doubled back and continued through another grove of trees, the mansion remained out of view, hidden by two long rows of Norwegian maple trees leading to a single statue in the Maple Allée on the left.


1925 Aerial View of Whitemarsh Hall

Aerial view of Whitemarsh Hall circa 1925, showing the entrance drive running outside of and parallel to the Maple Allée along the eastern side of the gardens

Photo Source: Private Collection

The Diana statue at the end of the Maple Allee

The Statue of "Diana of the Hunt," possibly by Visseaux, at the northern end of the Maple Allée, near the eastern Belvedere at the end of the Arcade

Photo Source: Pennsylvania State Archives, Mattie Edwards Hewitt Collection

Steps at the south end of the Maple Allee

An urn on a pedestal, possibly by Visseaux, at the southern end of the Maple Allée overlooking the east side of the Main Garden and the Large Fountain

Photo Source: Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Maple Allee from the Upper Terrace c. 1947

A view of the Maple Allée from the Upper Terrace circa 1947

Photo Source: John H. Deming, Jr.

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