The Stotesbury Art Collection

Lady and Child
Jean Baptiste Roslin

Lady and Child
Dimensions: 31 1/2 inches x 25 1/2 inches

Provenance: Gift from Duveen Brothers 1922

Sold for $110.00 at the Wingwood House auction in 1946

Stotesbury Location(s): Whitemarsh Hall, Wingwood House

Sources: Private collection

Eva Stotesbury's Boudoir

Eva Stotesbury's boudoir in Whitemarsh Hall showing the painting of A Lady and Child by Roslin

Photo Source: Private Collection

Eva Stotesbury's bedroom at Wingwood

Eva Stotesbury's bedroom at Wingwood House showing the same painting (on the right) in later years.

Photo Source: Pennsylvania State Archives, Mattie Edwards Hewitt collection

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