The Stotesbury Art Collection

Mrs. David Monypenny

(Maria Sophia Abercromby, Lady Pitmilly)

(also known as Lady in a Red Cloak)

Sir Henry Raeburn, R.A.

Mrs. David Monypenny

The figure is shown at half length, facing three-quarters left. Her light brown hair is arranged in curls over the forehead, falling to the eyebrows. The subject is shown wearing a white dress in the fashion of the early 19th Century, with a dark red cloak, trimmed with fur hanging loosely from the shoulders. Suggestion of white lawn collar shows at the back of the neck above the fur collar of the cloak.

Photo Source: O'Toole Catalogue (see below)

Dimensions: 30 x 25 inches

Provenance: Painted about 1811

Recently for sale through Strachan Fine Art in England

Stotesbury Location(s): 1925 Walnut Street, Whitemarsh Hall

Sources: Exhibition of Paintings and Works of Art from the Collection of the Late Edward T. Stotesbury at the Galleries of James St. L. O'Toole, New York, 23rd April to May 10th, 1941; Paintings, Furniture, Works of Art from the Collection of the Late Edward T. Stotesbury, Philadelphia, Public Auction Sale November 18, 1944, Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., New York, New York

Mrs. Monypenny on the left

The Drawing Room at Whitemarsh Hall, showing the portrait of Mrs. David Monypenny by Sir Henry Raeburn on the left, and the portrait of Samuel Brandram, Esq. by John Hoppner on the right.

Photo Source: Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection, Library of Congress

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