The Stotesbury Art Collection

Mrs. Thomson and Her Son

Charles Edward Poulett Thomson, later Baron Sydenham of Toronto and Governor General of British North America

Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.

Mrs. Thomson and Her Son

Mrs. Thomson, seated in an armchair, is holding her child with her right arm. Both figures are represented full length, and facing the spectator. The child is in half sitting posture, dressed in a long white gown fastened round the waist with a pink sash and bow, and his bare feet are thrust in black velvet slippers. Mrs. Thomson is clad in a rich ruby-colored velvet robe, low cut at the neck, and with short sleeves showing her bare arms; a white veil partly covers her chestnut-brown hair. She wears a coral necklace, and a diamond and pearl brooch. The group stands against the base of a column on the right and a balustrade of stair steps leading out to a park which forms the landscape background. Part of a purple curtain is seen inthe left hand corner.

Photo Source: O'Toole Catalogue (see below)

Dimensions: 58 x 88 1/2 inches

Provenance: Painted in 1804

George Poulett (Thomson) Scope, M.P. (1797-1876) of Fairlaw, Cobham, Surrey, brother of the boy pictured, and second son of John Poulett Thomson, husband of Mrs. Thomson

From Duveen Brothers, New York

E.T. Stotesbury to 1944

Oscar Cintas (?)

Lord Beaverbrook (Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation to 1990)

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Canada

Stotesbury Location(s): 1925 Walnut Street, Whitemarsh Hall

Sources: Exhibition of Paintings and Works of Art from the Collection of the Late Edward T. Stotesbury at the Galleries of James St. L. O'Toole, New York, 23rd April to May 10th, 1941; Paintings, Furniture, Works of Art from the Collection of the Late Edward T. Stotesbury, Philadelphia, Public Auction Sale November 18, 1944, Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., New York, New York; Forbes Magazine, March 27, 1995, v155 n7 p130(2);

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