The Stotesbury Art Collection

The Road by the River
Aelbert Cuyp

The Road by the River

On the bank of the river several figures are seen fishing, a coach appears in the distance nearing the trees which appear in the foreground

Photo Source: Freeman 1944 Catalogue (see below)

Dimensions: 50 inches tall x 44 inches wide; including the frame, 63 1/2 inches tall x 57 inches wide

Provenance: Unknown, except that the painting was purchased for $25,000.

Sold for $5,000 in combination with Mrs. Carrick's Children by Hurlstone in September 1946 to J. Aldaric Raymond, President of the Hotel Windsor, Montreal, Canada, through L. Alavoine & Co., New York

May have been lost in the Hotel Windsor fire in December 1957

Stotesbury Location(s): Whitemarsh Hall

Sources: French XVIII Century Furniture; Rare Chinese Porcelains; Paintings, French and English XVIII Century Engravings; Silver Objects of Art, The Property of Mrs. Eva R. Stotesbury Public Auction October 25th to 28th, 1944, Samuel T. Freeman & Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Road by the River in the Whitemarsh Hall library

The Road by the River by Aelbert Cuyp above the fireplace in the Sitting Room/Library at Whitemarsh Hall. The painting on the right is Mrs. Andrew Hay by Sir Henry Raeburn.

Photo Source: Library of Congress, Frances Benjamin Johnston collection

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