The Stotesbury Art Collection

London from Hampstead Heath
John Constable, R.A.

London from Hampstead Heath

A foreground of rolling brown heath skirted by paths and a pool of blue water at the left, with two donkeys grazing. Beyond a line of low trees in the middle distance is a view of the city, dominated by the dome of St. Paul's; beneath a vault of cloudy blue sky.

Photo Source: Anderson Galleries Catalogue 1937 (see below)

Dimensions: 25 1/2 inches x 38 inches

Provenance: Unknown prior to the ownership by E.T. Stotesbury

Sold for $1,900 to the Braus Galleries, Inc. at the 1937 auction by the American Art Association

This painting was listed in a 2006 exhibition by the National Gallery of Australia as owned by a private collector.

Stotesbury Location(s): 1925 Walnut Street

Sources: Nineteenth Century Paintings, Property of Mrs. Marion B. Nellis; Of the Estate of the Late Charles Melville Dewey, N.A.; Of the Late Mrs. Hugh A. Murray; And of Rosemarie Durig, A Pennsylvania Private Collector, and Other Owners, April 8, 1937, Public Sale No. 4317, American Art Association Anderson Galleries, Inc., New York, New York; The New York Times, April 9, 1937, page 17, "$4,100 Paid for Painting."

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