The Portraits of E.T. Stotesbury

There are at least fifteen portraits of E.T. Stotesbury still in existence, dating from 1901 until his death in 1938. Stotesbury sat for a number of artists during this period, some of them internationally known.

Photo (if available)
Artist and Description
Oswald Birley portrait

Oswald Birley (painted prior to 1924, when this portrait was included in a Birley exhibition held by Duveen Brothers in New York)

Current whereabouts unknown

Stotesbury portrait by Flameng
François Flameng (Paris 1912)

When E.T. Stotesbury and his new bride Eva were traveling in Europe in the spring and summer of 1912, they arranged to have both of their portraits painted by Flameng in Paris. Several years later they had Mr. Stotesbury's head re-painted, quite possibly by the artist Richard Langtry Partington.

Private Collection (the portrait of Eva Stotesbury, framed identically to that of her husband, is also in a private collection).

Stotesbury portrait by Nikolaki

Z.P. Nikolaki (Paris 1923)

Nikolaki was born Nicholas P. Zarokilli in Turkey in 1879.

Private Collection

Stotesbury portrait by Partington
Richard Langtry Partington (1918)

This large portrait of E.T. Stotesbury hung in the front entrance hall of Whitemarsh Hall.

Currrent whereabouts unknown

Stotesbury portrait by Partington
Richard Langtry Partington (1918)

Partington painted another very similar portrait of Stotesbury but with a different background.

It is now the property of the Fairmount Park Commission Archives in Philadelphia.

Stotesbury portrait by Salisbury
Frank O. Salisbury (1929)

This portrait of E.T. Stotesbury used to hang in the offices of Drexel & Company at their building on the northeast corner of 15th and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia.

It currently is part of the Drexel University collection.

Stotesbury portrait by Seyffert
Leopold Seyffert (1920)

Seyffert's portrait of Stotesbury was last known to be in the collection of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, on whose Board of Directors Stotesbury served.

Stotesbury portrait by Sigall

Joseph Sigall (Palm Beach 1926)

Private Collection

Stotesbury portrait by Sigall

Joseph Sigall (Palm Beach 1926)

Private Collection

Julian Russell Story (Philadelphia 1906)

Story painted a portrait of E.T. Stotesbury for the Union League of Philadelphia. It is displayed there today in the Lincoln Hall.

George Burroughs Torrey (1907)

This portrait hangs in the upriver house of the Bachelors' Barge Club rowing club, of which E.T. Stotesbury was a member. The annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta, first sponsored by him in 1928, is the premier high school rowing regatta in the country.

Torrey portrait #2
George Burroughs Torrey (attributed)

This portrait was reportedly larger originally, but was cropped after damage sustained in a fire. Its resemblance to the Torrey portrait at the Bachelors' Barge Club suggests that Torrey was the artist, and it was painted at the same time as the Bachelors Barge Club portrait.

Private Collection

Stotesbury portrait by Troubetzkoy

Prince Pierre Troubetzkoy (Pierre Prince Troubetzkoy) (1901)

Private Collection

Stotesbury portrait by von Hausen

F. C. von Hausen (Palm Beach 1936)

Painted in the courtyard of El Mirasol

Private Collection

Von Hausen unknown

F. C. von Hausen (date unknown)

This portrait of E.T. Stotesbury by von Hausen was sold at auction in 2005 with the mistaken identification that this was Chief Justice James B. Drew, former Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

von Hausen 1938 unfinished
F. C. von Hausen (1938)

This unfinished portrait of E.T. Stotesbury resides today in the main clubhouse of the Bachelors Barge Club in Philadelphia.

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