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Name: Jefferson Brown
Location: Salmon, ID, USA
I enjoy looking at your site. One tiny point my valet Jeeves desires to be added: the wonderful 1925 Derham-bodied Locomobile which Eva Stotesbury ordered could not have been steam, even on the hottest days in Pennsylvania. He insists, rather, that, while Locomobile did in fact commence with steam-propelled voiturettes in 1899, they graduated to gasoline engines in 1904. Said reference to steam no doubt has been used to honor the original legacy of the concern.
Reply: Good point. Please thank Jeeves for his insightful contribution.
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Posted on: Friday - May 17, 2013
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Name: Laura Kramer Frye
Location: Vienna, VA
My mother's father, George McCarthy, worked as the chauffeur for the Stotesburys in the early to mid 1920s. My grandparents were married in 1924, and the wedding gift the Stotesburys gave them hangs in my parents living room. It is a beautiful piece of needlework. I have several pictures of my mother and her brother as children at both the West Palm beach and the Philadelphia estates. I also have an autographed photo of Mrs. Stotesbury. As my mother's Alzheimer's progressed, I heard many more stories of her childhood at the Stotesbury estates, especially the one in Philly. I'm very sorry that my daughter and I will never have an opportunity to see those beautiful properties.
Posted on: Tuesday - May 14, 2013
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Name: Henry Bechtold
Location: Plumstead, Bucks County
I remember the times I would go to Whitemarsh Hall in the 70’s. The grandeur of the place was still evident. Also the sadness of it was overwhelming. To think of people coming and smashing the statues and the interior. The beautiful plaster work the mirrors in the ballroom. It was unfortunate that the place had not become a college, perhaps a school of architecture. It was a piece of art given to us by Edward T. Stotesbury and we allowed it to be lost.
Posted on: Thursday - Apr 18, 2013
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