The E.T. Stotesbury Guestbook Entries 2006 – 2012



Gale A. Sinclair

I have just finished reading about the architecht Traumbauer and his magnificent houses. I am enthralled with the Stotesbury family and with Whitemarsh Hall. I am curious as to where I might find information on the foundations used to support such massive structures with the weight of the stone and marble interiors. It seems such a shame that so many of these grand old houses have been lost even though times have greatly changed since they were built. Thank you for any information you can provide. Gale A. Sinclairf

18 June 2012 - North Port, Florida


Webmaster comments   Your best bet would be to ask the knowledgeable group at the Facebook group "Fans of Whitemarsh Hall" ( You have to have a Facebook account in order to see what they are discussing, but you do not have to be a member of the group to view the blogs and photos. It is well worth it!!




Paul Stefanowicz

Wayne - How is it going on your book about Stotesbury? Are you still in the research stage, or have you written most of it yet? Regards, Paul

22 April 2012 - NJ


Webmaster comments   After many years of compiling a large amount of new and interesting information about E.T. Stotesbury, I am nearly finished with my research. I have an outline, and have written several chapters (the fun part). Stay tuned!




Duane Parker

I worked aboard the Shore Leave in the early 80s, my skipper and the owner was captain Jim Dykes. Shore Leave was a beautiful old girl back in those days, we took good care of her. I spent many days working on her exterior and in the engine room. One day captain Jim called and asked me if I wanted to go to Alaska as first mate, with any hesitation, I agreed. We met up on lake Washington and for two weeks worked to get Shore Leave ready for the trip. The trip took us four and a half days to reach Ketchikan Alaska, It was my first time to Alaska, what a beautiful trip it was. I miss her and her skipper and remember the days I enjoyed working aboard a wonderful ship.

28 February 2012 - New Mexico


Marvin Wilker

My late wife and I had a painting that her father had bought at auction over 30 years ago. It was the Viggi Le Brun self portrait with Marie Antoinette on the canvas. There was a sticker on the back of the painting "Ufizzi " and a date. The painting has since been sold in St.Louis, at auction, 2008.

14 December 2011 - Franklin, TN 37069


Sandra Pinnel

I just viewed the 3 videos, and I found the third one most unsettling. The first house I lived in as a child was on Delphine Rd., and directly adjacent to the estate. I used to run through the woods to arrive on the grounds, where I would play for endless hours - and I developed such an attachment to the place that still holds a special place in my heart. To view the 'before' & 'after' photos in Video #3 was so heart-wrenching for me; and I still cannot fathom why nothing was done to protect this Historically-significant, magic-evoking, Architectural wonder. I seek not to offend you, but there is just something wrong with showcasing destruction like this; it demonstrates a statement of the thoughtless negligence & vandalism that led to the estate's demise; as well as the directive of the money-mongering developers who chose the Almighty Buck over preserving America's Heritage. What does that teach our children, and what does it say about who & what we Americans are by making such a choice?

13 December 2011 - Silicon Valley, California, USA


Webmaster comments   So many of us share your sadness about the loss of this magnificent architectural treasure. Perhaps future generations can learn something from this.




Bill McGowan

Phenomenal website. Easily one of, if not THE greatest loss to American architecture. I'm a big fan of Trumbauer's work. I currently live in Boston, Mass. and routinely drive 1.5 hours to Newport, RI to see many of his remaining masterpieces such as The Elms, Clarendon Court, and Miramar. Thanks for all of your exhausting work assembling this info. And thanks to the person who did a Google SketchUp of the estate.

23 November 2011 - Brighton, MA


Barry Kwasny

Where are the Stotesbury's interred?

28 October 2011 - Stroudsburg, Pa


Webmaster comments   Edward T. Stotesbury is buried with his first wife and other members of his family at the Woodlands Cemetery in West Philadelphia. Eva Stotesbury is buried at Oak Woods Cemetery in South Chicago, where her parents, her stepmother, and daughter Louise are also interred.




Bob Mutch

I have been trying to find a collection of E.T. Stotesbury's papers as part of the research I am doing on the financing of Theodore Roosevelt's 1904 presidential campaign. (Stotesbury was one of TR's biggest fundraisers.) You said last year that you had located a few items. Can you tell me what they are and where they are?

20 October 2011 - Washington, DC


Webmaster comments   Unfortunately, there are very few remaining papers of E.T. Stotesbury. My research therefore has had to focus on family and secondary sources. Although this has taken longer than I expected, it has been fruitful. You are correct in that Stotesbury was one of TR's biggest fundraisers in 1904, but most of the money raised under his name was as a result of his skills as a "bundler" of donations from others in Eastern Pennsylvania. Please do let me know if you learn of anything new in this regard, thanks.




Colin Smythe

Lady Elizabeth Conyngham was born on 16 February 1799 (G.E.Cockayne's Complete Peerage). You state that Lawrence painted the portrait beteen 1810 and 1815, in which case she could have been only 11-16 years of age. From the portrait, her size in relation to the harp and obvious maturity, she must surely not have been painted before 1814-15.

24 August 2011 - Berkshire UK


Webmaster comments   You are correct! I checked my records, and the portrait was done by Sir Thomas Lawrence in late 1824. Allegedly the mother of the two sisters who were subjects of the portraits, the Marchioness of Conyngham, was the mistress of King George IV, and the order to Lawrence to paint the portrait of Lady Elizabeth was a royal command. The source of the error on the date was the O'Toole catalog of the Stotesbury collection that was displayed in the early 1940s. Good catch!





I have a detailed 1919 map of Haverford township, PA that shows a fairly large tract of land belonging to E T Stotesbury. It shows there was a house there called "The Orchard". Is there any background information on that property? (It appears to be about the same spot as the house I grew up in was built years later)

20 July 2011 - New York, NY


Webmaster comments   Up until the 1920s, E.T. Stotesbury owned large plots of land on the Main Line, among other places around the country. Much of this land was acquired from the estate of Anthony J. Drexel after the latter died in 1893. Consistent with the development of Wayne, PA in the 1880s by Anthony J. Drexel and George W. Childs, Stotesbury continued to purchase and develop raw land in various locations for many years. It is not clear whether Stotesbury had a specific connection to "The Orchard" or not.





Thank you for creating this beautifully constructed and exhaustively researched website, Mr. Willcox. How did you come across such wonderful photographs? It showcases the recherche lifestyle of an American gentleman in all his tasteful glory. Sumptuous houses, a magnificent art collection, luxurious yacts and winters in Palm Beach -- Stotesbury and Eva lived the good life. I especially like the song "The Old Family Toothbrush" and Kiallmark's upbeat tune. The original lyrics by Woodward are romantic and evoke a gentler time, and Stotesbury's lyrics are hilarious and perfect for a self-made man worth $100 million in 1927. I can picture him, dressed in coat and tie, sporting white shoes and hat, singing this song at his birthday celebrations.

6 July 2011 - Cherry Hill, NJ


Susan Stotesbury Stills

I am from the North Carolina branch of Stotesburys. My father was Arthur Edward Stotesbury and my grandfather was Isaac Stotesbury from Pantego, NC. There are alot of interesting facts under the Hyde County, NC geneology site. I have been researching the family.

20 June 2011 - Fairview, NC 28730


Anthony J. Leach

My father, Nichloas Leach worked for the Stotesbury Estate. Worked in the 1920's until 1938. My grandfather, Anthony DeLecci, also worked on the estate. I have fond memories of my dad telling me stories about working there.

12 June 2011 - Philadelphia, PA 19118


Graham Hueber

The Woodmere Art Gallery in Chestnut Hill has two large (probably 5' tall) carved limestone pineapples flanking its front door which were once part of Whitemarsh Hall.

9 June 2011 - Princeton Junction, NJ


Andy K. Wick

The nedeva is actually located in Bremen on the river Weser and is under reconstruction and restoration by Mr. Georg Papp. It will be possible to visit the boat in Bremen, Germany approximately in 2012. Any Information concerning the history of the Nedeva is welcome. thank you.

14 April 2011 - Bremen, Germany


Jacqueline Strauss

This is a fascinating site, and I commend you for it. I can only add that at around age 9, in 1952, I attended a day camp called "Camp Robinson" on and in the Stotesbury Estate. Our "bunks" were the bedrooms, and each of the bedrooms seemed to have its own marble bath with sunken tubs and gold ornate faucets. Our wading pools were the fountains, and our lunches took place in the dining room. I don't believe the camp existed for more than a year or two before the mansion was sold to the Pennsalt Chemical Co. But what a fascinating place to go to day camp!! I'll never forget it. A day camp in a palatial mansion!! I never really liked roughing it anyway!!

14 March 2011 - Strafford, Pennsylvania


J. Scott Blackman

My grandfather, Daniel S. Blackman, worked for E.T. Stotesbury at Drexel and Co. in Philadelphia until 1921 when he and another Drexel employee, Charles Schibener, left to form their own investment banking firm in Philadelphia. For years I have had a set of photographs (negatives) of a baseball game that I was unable to identify. Just this week while doing some internet research, I found an article in the June 5, 1915 Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger that finally solved the mystery. The baseball game was between the New York office of J. P. Morgan and Co. and the Philadelphia office of Drexel and Co. The article states that the "Philadelphia men were headed by E. T. Stotesbury ." The times were certainly different! The New Yorkers traveled by Philadelphia and Reading special train to the Tabor station then walked with the Philadelphians to the Philadelphia and Reading Athletic Association field led by each office's band. By the way, according to the article, my grandfather played right field that day.

26 January 2011 - YARDLEY. PA


Don Dunscomb

I’m curious about the organ that is mentioned briefly in some of the articles about the mansion. I also see from the architectural drawings that there was indeed an organ room. Do you have any information about the instrument or its fate?

16 January 2011 - Bend, Oregon


Webmaster comments   The organ at the mansion was built by the Aeolian Organ Company of New York, allegedly for a cost of $60,000. It supposedly was one of the finest instruments in the country, with three manual keyboards and five individual sections: great, swell, choir solo, echo and pedal. Eva Stotesbury wanted the organ installed in the Grand Ballroom at Whitemarsh Hall, but architecht Horace Trumbauer was opposed to the idea. They finally compromised on a hallway leading out of the ballroom for the site of the organ.


Mrs. Mabel E. Linch played the organ at social functions. Mr. Stotesbury liked to have the organ playing when he came home from work each day.


The organ was sold or donated to the First Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1944. This church was destroyed by fire in about 1977; it is not known if the organ was removed prior to the fire.





What was the horror film that was filmed at Stotesbury in the 1970's?

13 January 2011 - Pennsylvania


Webmaster comments   There are rumors that a low-budget horror movie was filmed there, but I never have been able to substantiate them. Perhaps someone who lived in the neighborhood forty years ago and who remembers the event will see this and share the knowledge with us. Perhaps it got a mention in a local newspaper. During roughly that same time period, a man named Charles Riggs took a time lapse photograph of the mansion at night with lights or candles in each window. He named the resulting haunting image "Midnight Ghosts at Stotesbury." This may have been the origin of the story about a horror movie having been filmed there.




Barbara Stotesbury D

It's always exciting to read info regarding the Stotesbury's. I'm researching the NY Stotesbury's. If you are or think you are part of the larger 'Stotesbury" family, think about joining a most interesting project. Google Family Tree DNA to find out more!

5 December 2010 - Ft Myers FL


Gloria Sulc

I am a decendant of the Stotesbury's from North Carolina. I just found out about the china and Mr. E T Stotesbury while attending a family reunion. This is all so interesting. My father was Isaac Lelon Stotesberry and my grandfather was Isaac Stotesberry.

11 October 2010 - Washington, North Carolina 27889


Gerry M. Serianni

Nice job! Thank you for the Stotesbury com web site!!! We are now cross-linked.

6 October 2010 - Thorndale, PA USA



The other day I had a brainstorm. Why should the ruins of Whitemarsh Hill go unused? What I was thinkIng was that (first get permission from the owners) then try and raise money to turn the old entrance collonnade of the estate into a little park/garden.  The columns would be the perfect containment walls around a little garden or seating area. I have already drawn some simple design proposals which would boast the beauty of the columns, while providing a seating area which would over look the other remains of the estate. We must treasure the things we stil have left of the old estate. Maybe we could even get relatives of the Stotesbury family to help. If anyone is intetested, please contact me at stevenglepore@gmail. com.

22 September 2010 - New York



Just wanted to bring your attention to four YouTube videos on "Rose Terrace" the Anna Dodge estate. Search - rose terrace - at YouTube. If you know the story of the Stoesbury's you would know of the friendship between Eva and Anna. "Rose Terrace" was inspired by that friendship. Anna had Horace Trumbauer build her "Whitemarsh Hall" in Grosse Point, Mi. This was after Anna Dodge had purchased her Mizner designed Palm Beach palace - just like Eva. Another Trumbauer design for Anna was "Marly" outside of Washington DC that Anna leased to Eva after she sold "Whitemarsh Hall". First three YouTube videos are from a 1970's broadcast of a tour of the estate at its peak, right before demolition. Fourth video is a copulation of photos and text about this now demolished home.

14 September 2010 - GRR,Mi



Former Secretary of State James Baker once said, "Someone asked me what was the most important thing I had learned since being in Washington. I replied that it was the fact that temporal power is fleeting." Baker went on to observe that once driving through the White House gates he saw a man walking alone on Pennsylvania Avenue and recognized him as having been Secretary of State in a previous administration. "There he was alone - no reporters, no security, no adoring public, no trappings of power. Just one solitary man alone with his thoughts. And that mental picture continually serves to remind me of the impermanence of power and the impermanence of place." - With fondest regards & memories from Henry, Helen, Harry and Walter…and all the gang on Tulpehocken Street

11 September 2010 - Philadelphia, Pa



I remember the Gargoyles, the basements and the crumbling stairway to the rooftop. Used to go there to explore in the late 70's. We made it up to the roof, luckily no one fell in to the giant holes. The place was just fantastic. I would have loved to seen it in its beauty days. I was so sad when I drove by it to see it was totally gone.

18 August 2010 - Warrington, PA


Lynn Quirk

My grandfather, James Quirk, worked as Mr. Stotesbury's personal bodyguard for a number of year in the late 1920's and early 1930's. The family lore contends that an old writing desk in our home was a gift from Mrs. Stotesbury on the occasion of my grandparent's wedding in 1928. James Quirk was killed in an accident in 1933 and again, family lore suggests, Mr. Stotesbury and Mr. Drexel paid off the mortgage on my grandparents house so his widow and their only child (my mother) would always have a place to live. I was wondering if the personal papers of Mr. Stotesbury are stored anywhere as I would love to see if there is a mention of my grandfather.

6 July 2010 - Bryn Mawr, PA


Webmaster comments   What a fascinating story! Sorry to hear about your grandfather's tragic death. It would have been consistent with Mr. and Mrs. Stotesbury's generous nature to come to the aid of the Quirks. They cared very much for their employees, and some of the staff were like family to them. Unfortunately, the personal papers and effects of Mr. Stotesbury have proved elusive. I only have been able to find a small number of these personal items, but I will keep my eye out for any mention of your grandfather.




Sandra Pinnel

My parents purchased some of the land that was sold from the Stotesbury Estate and built a home on it - on Delphine Rd.; in 1951 - the home in which I resided from birth through my sixth year. From the moment I began walking, I'd accompany my two older sisters as we'd run through the woods to arrive on the grounds of the estate; where we'd play for endless hours. The time I spent playing there are the fondest memories of my childhood. When a dear friend of mine showed me the Serianni site, I was stunned to learn it had been demolished. I've learned through extensive research that it met more than one necessary criteria to be considered an Historic Landmark. Why did none of the descendants strive to preserve the heritage and architectural wonder that was The Stotesbury Mansion ?(as we locals called it.) The place evoked and emanated an undeniable feeling and force that is so intangible I cannot find the words to describe it - that still haunts me to this day. I have a friend who is an architect who restores stone farmhomes in Umbria, Italy - when I sent him to the Serianni site that showcases the Mansion, he responded within an hour; saying that the destruction of such a place bordered on criminal; and that such a thing would never occur in Europe . it wouldn't even be thought of. We lost all of the things that Whitemarsh Hall encompassed for what? The Almighty Buck .

16 June 2010 - Silicon Valley, California


Anthony Rivera

I spent the last 3 days working non-stop using old photographs and blueprints of Whitemarsh Hall to recreate it on google sketchup, its a good way to be able to enjoy the house as it was in the 1920's, but you have to have google sketchup to view it (free program) I have 2 models up. the first is the main house, I did the landscaping on it and added trees, the 2nd is the house and the lower gardens, but without the trees and other plants too keep the file low. I'd like a little constructive criticism on it too so i can make it even more accurate, I used every photograph I could find on it to make it. model 1:

e5d25f2e6 model 2:


12 March 2010 - Tempe, AZ


Webmaster comments   Looks great! Obviously, you spent a lot of time to capture the look of Whitemarsh Hall. Terrific job!


roy sanders

I would like to view a catalog of the auction held by Samuel Freeman Co. in 1946. Can you tell me where to look for one?

11 January 2010 - houston texas


Webmaster comments   You could try contacting Samuel Freeman Co. in Philadelphia, or you could see if your local public or University library has an interlibrary loan arrangement with some other library that has a copy available for loan.




Cherish Shinners (Grand-daughter of Mary Stotesbury)

I did some research on Whitemarsh Hall a few years ago. I vaguely remember mention of a film company using the building and grounds for a b-movie, slasher film in the early 70's. Is this correct? If so, do you know the title of the film?

10 January 2010 - Lansdale, PA


Webmaster comments   I have heard this same story but never have been able to substantiate it. About the same time this film was supposedly made, a man named Charles Riggs took a time lapse photograph of Whitemarsh Hall at night with lights or candles in each window. He also appeared in one of the windows, and the resulting photo was a very haunting image that he named "Midnight Ghosts at Stotesbury." This may have been the origin of the story about a movie having been made.





How were you able to find the bed from El Mirasol? Any idea of where any other items from the Mizner designed home are? I know that all the contents of the house were auctioned off, do you have a copy of the auction catalog? Great website by the way!

14 December 2009


Webmaster comments   Thank you. An acquaintance of ours who is a Stotesbury descendant owns the bed from El Mirasol. Most of the contents of the house were auctioned off on the premises in 1947 under the gavel of Samuel B. Freeman & Co. of Philadelphia. In the Patio restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida, the wall separating the main dining room from the bar is made from some of the garage doors from El Mirasol. The Driftwood Resort and Waldo's restaurant in Vero Beach also may have a mantelpiece and window grills from El Mirasol.




Mike Roth

The 5th Nedeve Yacht has been sold to an owner in Germany. He will be restoring the vessel. A crew of 3 made the transit to Victoria B.C. from Westport after 3 hard days of systems repair. Even in her current condition she is a wonerful boat .

29 November 2009 - Port Townsend Wa


Webmaster comments   Hooray!!!!!


Robert Harper

If you watch old episodes of "The Nanny", it looks like the Elizabeth-Louise Vigee LeBrun Self-Portrait is hanging on the stairway of the set.

19 November 2009 - Roslyn, PA


L. Kicey

I was discussing local historical architecture a few years back with my boss and he told be about exploring Whitemarsh Hall in his youth, curious I decided to check out the site and did a bit of photographing while I was there. I was interested in using the space for an editorial fashion shoot, but wasn't sure if there would be issues with being allowed to photograph on the property since I recalled having seen signs on later visits regarding the park being for residents of Stotesbury Estates only. I was not sure if that was strictly enforced or if anyone knew who I might contact about getting permission to shoot there. Any direction you could give me on who to speak to would be much appreciated!

26 October 2009 - Ambler PA


Webmaster comments   You could try contacting the Springfield Township municipal offices in Wyndmoor in order to obtain the names of the officers of the homeowners association. Perhaps they could help you. Good luck!




Terry Hunter jr.

I am a descendent of John Stables and would like to know if there is any way that I could see any kind of a print or anything like that of the paintings of John Stables in Color. I am desirous of knowing the actual color of the Uniforms he was wearing in the paintings. I would also like to know where the paintings are currently located. Can you also tell me in the paintings the color of his hair, eyes, and skintone. I will greatly appreciate any information you can provide me. Thank You Terry Hunter Jr.

4 October 2009 - Clinton, Oklahoma, United States


Webmaster comments   Unfortunately, I do not have a color photo of the 1777 Romney portrait of Captain John Stables. The most recent record I have is that it was sold by Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc. in New York at public auction on Thursday, October 22, 1970 for $35,000, presumably to a private collector. The previous owner had been the estate of the late Mrs. A. Hamilton Rice.


The Parke-Bernet catalogue described the portrait as follows: "Three-quarter length in scarlet uniform coat, trimmed in green and gold, buff waistcoat and breeches, holding his sword reversed under his left arm," with a note stating that John Stables (1744-1796) was a Director of the East India Company and a member of the Supreme Council of Calcutta.


The James St. L. O'Toole Galleries catalogue of the Stotesbury collection (1941) described the 50 x 40 inch portrait as follows: "This fine soldierly figure is shown in three-quarter pose, facing slightly to the right. He wears the red coat of the active service, showing on the sleeve the three buttons of his captain's rank, the coat is close to the chest and then hanging open showing a buff waistcoat with brass buttons. His right hand is in the trouser pocket and he holds in his left arm the sheath of his sword, held by the left hand at the hilt in a natural and engaging posture."




E. Renz

Recently found a very badly rusted but still fairly heavy placard on the side of a railroad embankment in Asheville, NC. It's about 9 1/2" across, and upon cleaning it was able to make out; "E.T. STOTESBURY, TRUSTED OWNER." Safe bet it fell off a train car at some point in history, but I know nothing else about it.

8 September 2009 - Asheville, NC


Webmaster comments   What a great find!! Commencing in at least as early as 1899, E.T. Stotesbury began to serve as lessor and trustee for various multi-million dollar equipment leases to a number of railroads, including the Reading Co, the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Southern Railway Company, the Erie Railroad, and the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. Such leases were then assigned to insurance or trust companies. Although the agreements never mentioned it, it is probable that Stotesbury was acting for a syndicate sponsored by Drexel & Co. in these transactions. Your plaque is surely a souvenir off of one of these railroad cars.




Racquel Pasquelucci

What is the value of the Nedeva china made for the yacht by Lenox. Is something like that worth a lot?

6 September 2009


Webmaster comments   I do not know how much any pieces of yacht Nedeva china would sell for these days, as they are rare and typically cherished by family members or descendants/friends of former employees. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a piece came up for auction on eBay! After all, the silver ladle from the Nedeva sold for $504.99 in 2007!




Vincent Grannetino

I understand that there was a painting commisioned of Eva Stotesbury. Is there any record of its whereabouts or an image of it available online or anywhere to see?

30 September 2008 - Philadelphia, PA


Webmaster comments   Eva Stotesbury had several portraits painted of her in her lifetime, and there are three of which I have definite knowledge.


In 1926, art dealer Joseph Duveen commissioned the artist Douglas Chandor to make a pastel portrait of Eva wearing her famous emeralds. Duveen then presented the portrait to Mr. Stotesbury as a Christmas gift. Eva was so pleased with the likeness that she had photographs made of it, which she inscribed and gave to close friends and family members. The original portrait has stayed in the family. You can see a picture of it on page 15 of "The Twilight of Splendor" by James T. Maher (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1975), photograph number four in "The Grandes Dames" by Stephen Birmingham (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1982), and page 31 of "Palm Beach Entertains" by the Junior League of the Palm Beaches, Inc. (1976).


An earlier portrait of Eva was painted in Paris by Francois Flameng in 1912, the year of her marriage to E.T. Stotesbury. It hung first in the Stotesbury's townhouse at 1925 Walnut Street and then in the second floor Gallery Hall at Whitemarsh Hall. The latest information that I have is that it most recently was the property of a lady in Philadelphia. You can see an image of it on page 56 of the book "Whitemarsh Hall: The Estate of Edward T. Stotesbury," published in 2004 by Edward and Charles Zwicker and the Springfield Township Historical Society as part of Arcadia Publishing's "Images of America" series.


The Polish artist Joseph Sigall painted Eva Stotesbury's portrait in 1927, but I do not know where it is now.


I heard that several years ago, an unfinished portrait of Eva was on display at a decorators' showcase house in the Philadelphia area. Yet another portrait supposedly hung at one time in the window of an antique shop in Delray Beach, Florida.


I would love to hear from anyone who has seen these or any other portraits of Eva Stotesbury.





what role did ET Stotesbury/the stotesbury family have in the ownership of Northwestern Stables or in the Riders and Drivers of the Wissahickon? My understanding is that Strawbridge owned the stables and sold it to the Fairmount Park commission.

17 September 2008 - phila, pa


Webmaster comments   I have yet to come across any connection E.T. Stotesbury may have had with Northwestern Stables. Perhaps the Fairmount Park archives hold the answer. Stotesbury's horses were stabled at his Winoga Stock Farm, a forty-acre property at East and Mermaid Lanes in Springfield Township. After his death in 1938, the land was sold to the federal government and became the Eastern Regional Laboratory of the Department of Agriculture. Stotesbury was an honorary President of the Philadelphia Riders and Drivers Association and served as President of the Commissioners of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia from 1912 until his death.





Any news on Lynnewood Hall??????????????

5 August 2008 - Mi.


Webmaster comments   Lynnewood Hall, the magnificent Trumbauer mansion built for P.A.B. Widener, is still standing, although it is in need of a lot of attention. It currently is owned by a New York-based church.




Tracey Jane Stotesbury

Hi, I have grown up and cherish the fact that I have always been a 'stotesbury' . I am based in the UK and now I am married to a 'Butcher'! It is really weird to go onto the internet and find that mine is not the first union of a 'stotesbury' - 'butcher' partnership. I would be really keen to learn more and be very interested in the book when it comes out. I would be grateful if anyone could let me know and is there a 'Stotesbury' coat of arms? Look forward to hearing from someone soon, Tracey

29 April 2008 - UK - Berkshire


Jon Christopher

I have become crazy about this house. it started out with the photo from " Philadelphia the and now". then I purchased the book "Whitemarsh Hall". How the hell did people let this house go??? I don't understand why there wasn't a foundation set up. my god, the people that stayed here. I'm gonna post my email so if anyone wants to give me any Information or contact me.I can't wait to read Ned's Biography. The pictures alone are so interesting, I can't imagine reading about his entire life. this should dead become a movie. but can you imagine building a set that looks like WMH??? jonchristopher+at sign+comcast dot net

21 April 2008 - Philadelphia, Pa


Jon Christopher

I have become crazy about this house. it started out with the photo from " Philadelphia the and now". then I purchased the book "Whitemarsh Hall". How the hell did people let this house go??? I don't understand why there wasn't a foundation set up. my god, the people that stayed here. I'm gonna post my email so if anyone wants to give me any Information or contact me.I can't wait to read Ned's Biography. The pictures alone are so interesting, I can't imagine reading about his entire life. this should dead become a movie. but can you imagine building a set that looks like WMH??? jonchristopher-at sign-comcast dot net I only hope that I see a movie made in my lifetime about this man

21 April 2008 - Philadelphia, Pa



Thanks for whoever posted the link to my youtube video about Whitemarsh Hall on this site. I have vivid memories of exploring the mansion and the underground basements. In the basements we found the bowling alley, a coal car on the tracks, the giant boilers and the wine area. I remember clearly the window moldings, the detail in the woodcarvings surrounding each window. That 80-foot tunnel under the main garden fountain lead into a huge room beneath it. One of the elevators was stuck in-between floors and one of my friends slid down the elevator cable from the second floor all the way down to the basement. A few of my relatives worked for the Stotesbury’s during the depression and they were treated very well by them. My piece of the mansion in my youtube video was from one of the archway windows. It saddens me that it is all gone.

2 December 2007 - Wyncote, Pa



Check out the Whitemarsh Hall Youtube video.

31 October 2007 - Somewhere,Mi


Webmaster comments   Cool! This video can be viewed at




Jane Masterson

My grandfather, John F. Masterson, was part owner and Secretary of New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Co. I visited the Shorleave in Sept. 2002 at Dock Street Yachts in Seattle, WA. It was up for sale but needed extensive work. The owner was an elderly man, in poor health, who had lived aboard for many years. the Shorleave was looking for a wooden boat lover with the means to return her to her original beauty. Fortunately there are about 10 other NYY, L & E yachts that are loved and maintained by true wooden boat lovers

21 September 2007 - Punta Gorda, FL.


FM Sherman

Grew up on Stotesbury Road in the 70's just down the hill from the then decaying mansion. Still have a few hazy memories of actually exploring inside Whitemarsh Hall, specifically remembering the black and white marble floor in the foyer.

20 July 2007 - Now Los Angeles, CA


William C Near ( William Earl Stotesbury Jr. )

I have read the many articles I could find about Mr Stotesbury and it is overwhelming. So many great achievements and such a total diminishment at the end. It is only a flash and we are no more. But still it all has to be. Always your friend

24 June 2007 - Richmond Virginia



Check out wikimapia-dot-org for maps using Google Earth showing location of their homes includung MARLY wherer Eva lived after Edward's death.

26 May 2007 - Somewhere,Mi


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Barbara Stotesbury (Dabroski)

I was delighted to see that a "family tree" is forthcoming. My father is Edward C. Stotesbury and I've long wondered just what the connection, if any, was.

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Kristine McGuigan

My great grandfather - Arthur Clyde Laird - was the head electrician at Whitemarsh Hall until his death in January of 1938 - the same year that ET passed away. The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 occurred during the contruction of Whitemarsh Hall. Mr. Stotesbury sent machinery from the job site to nearby Holy Sepulcher Cemetary, next door to what is now Arcadia University. When Penn Salt (now Alcoa) purchased the house, they had laboratories set up in the ballroom. My Aunt was a science for Penn Salt and worked in the house during that time. Whitemarsh Hall, as well as all the homes built by Horace Trumbauer, was a wonderland. It is a terrible shame the building couldn't be saved.

1 May 2007 - Havertown, PA



I am interested in the section on 'horses'. I am the co-chair of the wissahickon day parade, a tradition that was started during Stotesbury's lifetime. How was he involved with this? I would like to contact any of his direct relatives to see if they are available to present awards during the event. Many thanks

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Webmaster comments   As President of the Philadelphia Road Drivers Association, E.T. Stotesbury enjoyed driving his trotters through the Wissahickon Glen. In the May 17, 1938 Philadelphia Inquirer (the day after Stotesbury died), there is a rather lengthy article entitled "Stotesbury, Noted Banker, Is Dead at 89." It begins on page one and continues on page six. Buried near the bottom of page six is the following:


"Even in later years, when increasing age and business responsibilities denied him active participation in the hunt meets and horse shows of the vicinity, Mr. Stotesbury indicated his partiality for 'man's noblest animal friend' by making vigorous protest to the opening of the Fairmount Park bridle paths to motor vehicles. It was partly due to his intervention that the extension of motorists' privileges to those leafy lanes along the winding Wissahickon was denied."




John M. McNulty

Philadelphia and Reading Railway, later Reading Company, business car # 10 was named "Reading" when it was owned by the P&R and the Reading. When the Strasburg Rail Road purchased the car in the early 1960's they renamed it "Paradise" and repainted it in their paint scheme. In recent years the car has been repainted in its original Philadelphia and Reading Railway paint scheme and once again carries the name "Reading".

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